The Liberty Project

America was founded with the firearm. Our Founders knew that our liberty and the right to keep and bear arms are inextricably linked. Over the decades, however, a powerful and well coordinated anti-gun movement has systematically chipped away at our liberty by continually burdening law-abiding citizens with their gun-control agenda. In their cross hairs remain the 2nd Amendment of the United States.

Despite empirical evidence that proves more guns in the hands of responsible Americans result in less crime and a lower death rate, the gun-control coalition continues their assault undeterred. They exploit every horrific tragedy and crisis to advance their agenda with campaigns of vilification and obfuscation.

Although we continue a valiant fight to preserve our rights and for the most part have held the line, with the most hostile anti-gun president in America’s history, however, the obsession against lawful firearm ownership has gained renewed energy.

Leading that charge is the current White House, the United States Attorney General, known anti-gun zealots in Congress, billionaire Michael Bloomberg as well as those in our own General Assembly.

But the facts demonstrate that each year in America by a multiple of hundreds of times against the criminal element, lawfully armed citizens save lives and stop crimes. That is why, besides being on the right side of the Constitution, we the lawfully armed citizens hold the moral high ground.

So why are we having to fight these legislative battles that assault our rights seemingly in perpetuity? What enables the brazen and unrelenting attacks on our Constitution and rule of law by the anti-gun establishment?

The answer is: “because we are losing the cultural war outside in the court of public opinion outside the legislature.”

The anti-gun establishment has a fundamental contempt for our liberties. They don’t trust ordinary citizens to be armed and will always chip away at our Constitution because to them America’s founding represents the antithesis of their utopian vision of a gun-free society and thus our laws must be transformed to fit their agenda.

The 2nd Amendment represents a barrier to their desire for a command and control top-down monster-government and thus it must be defeated.

Since the battle to sustain our right to keep and bear arms is fought in the legislature, how then does one fight if not in the General Assembly or in Congress? Conventional wisdom suggests the fight should take place where laws are written or changed, but public opinion profoundly shapes that process.

Politicians depend on public opinion so the political reality is the squeaky wheel wins their support. That squeaky wheel, however, extends far beyond the halls of Congress or the state legislatures. Public opinion enables activists to shape legislation in other venues including city councils, school boards, private businesses, in the media and in all aspects of our communities. In fact, culturally, the mainstream narrative shapes public opinion so whoever drives that narrative controls the debate.

Most pro 2nd Amendment advocacy groups focus their efforts on the legislature. They lobby to support or defeat various legislation to defend our rights.  This process is repeated with every legislative session with the onslaught of renewed attacks year after year.

Our opponents, however, do not fight in only this way. Since they cannot depend on the facts or the legal arguments to win, they default to less conventional tactics. Overwhelmingly, their efforts are devoted to controlling the court of public opinion where they fight with no rules.

The anti-gun radicals are like a bare knuckled brawler who has an army of paid actors planted throughout the audience at a boxing match. Their job is to incite violent emotional outbursts to manipulate the audience to criticize every call made inside the ring. Their purpose is to challenge every call made by the referee, all designed to bully, corrupt and confuse the match to favor the brawler. When you control the culture outside the ring long enough, eventually what happens inside the ring will be your desired outcome and let the rules be damned!

While we are holding the line today defending the 2nd Amendment, we’ve had to return to the “ring” time and again to fight the same old fight. That’s because we are losing the match outside the “ring.” Over the years, the effects of the corrupt anti-gun narrative has cost us in the incremental surrender of our rights, but even more critically, we have ceded our legitimate claim to the moral high ground.

The unrelenting propaganda campaign of deceit and demonization has bullied law-abiding sportsmen and women into a sub-class of citizens. We now live in an America that condones the open discrimination against responsible law-abiding gun owners. Sportsmen’s organizations and gun clubs routinely enact policies designed to keep a low profile fear of becoming the targets of anti-gun zealots.

Public school policies against violence single out firearms in ways that can only be described as discriminatory and politically biased. Corrupt educators who lecture routinely about the importance of building self-esteem in our children are the very first to throw them under the bus for the mere mention that a “gun” may be present even if it were only a pencil drawing or a half consumed Pop Tart!

We may brush off those ridiculous incidences as laughable anti-gun hysteria, but it is the cumulative effects of us not standing up for reason and the truth that enabled the passage of the Gun Free School Zone Act of 1994, the crowning jewel of the anti-gun establishment. Our silence therefore is to be blamed in part for the deadly consequences resulting from this and numerous other bad laws.

As a prerequisite to ultimately winning the war, we must defeat the vicious campaigns of slander, expose the anti-gun establishment as the illegitimate occupier of the moral high ground and reclaim it with the truth.

By any measure, the slander and vilification of responsible gun owners is bigotry and in extreme cases, tantamount to hate crimes against a minority American constituency. Our goal is to liberate law abiding firearm owners from the assaults and violations against our civil liberties.

This is the mission of the Liberty Project.

Please join us and take a stand to defend our right to keep and bear arms and preserve the legacy of American freedom.